Gaming Research Analyst

Application information for a Game Researcher at Liquid and Grit

How to Apply:

About the role:

As a game researcher, you work closely with the largest mobile gaming companies to build out customized research. You will work directly with the CEO of Liquid and Grit to take data—in the form of data in excel, research reports, and other information—and refine it into a well-written, well-constructed Google document report. The work will be broad, ranging from looking at data, forming strategies, and reviewing market analysis.

Hiring Process:

Our hiring approach is rooted in ability-based testing, ensuring a fair and skill-focused selection process. The initial phase includes 1-2 tests in a single Google Form. The entire process is completed within a two-week period. Successful candidates will then work on actual projects in a trial capacity, allowing us to assess fit and performance. The final hiring decision is made after this trial period. We use Google Forms for tracking applications, so expect a form response as part of the process.


Based in California, Liquid and Grit embraces a fully remote work culture. This contract position allows for the flexibility to work from anywhere, ensuring ongoing and consistent engagement.

About You:

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Diligent and disciplined, with a focus on completing work efficiently.

  • Autonomous, proud of delivering high-quality work.

  • Detail-oriented, with excellent time management skills.

  • A quick learner who enjoys challenges and problem-solving.

  • Familiar with playing games, though not necessarily a hardcore gamer.


  • No prior experience necessary; we value fresh perspectives.

  • Access to a computer with internet connectivity.

  • Ownership of at least one iPad or iPhone for mobile game analysis.

  • Proficiency in Google Docs and Sheets.

General Information:

  • Contract position.

  • Initial hours: 10-20 per week, with potential increase to 20-35 hours based on performance.

  • Rate: $40 per hour.

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